Mono 300W solar panel

//Mono 300W solar panel
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Project Description

Model RD300TU-36MD
Maximum Power(W) 300W
Optimum Power Voltage(Vmp) 37.98V
Optimum Operating Current(Imp) 7.90A
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc) 44.82V
Short Circuit Current(Isc) 8.45A
Cell Efficiency 17.96%
Module Efficiency 15.46%
Tolerance Wattage 0~+3%
NOCT 47°C +/-2°C


High efficiency solar cells with high transmission and
textured glass are delivering high efficiency for modules;
Tempered glass, EVA resin, and weatherproof film, plus
aluminum frame for extended outdoor use;
Modules independently tested to ensure conformance with
certification and regulatory standards;
Manufacturing facility certified to ISO 9001 quality
management system standards.

Power Tolerance 3%
Power output after 25years 80%


¤On/off-grid residential Use
¤On/off-grid commercial/industrial roof-tops
¤Other on/off-grid applications

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